Women Who Code Delhi Mentorship Program 3.0 -Week One

When I heard about this mentorship program, I was pretty sure that I had to apply for it! Such an amazing bunch of mentors who have achieved various milestones were ready to share their experiences and guide their mentees, I knew that this would be a golden opportunity for me if I get selected for it. So, I was extremely elated to have received the onboarding mail from WWCD!

This journey started off with a group call to brief all the mentees about how the program would work. Then we had a group call with my fellow mentees and our mentor, Riddhi Gupta Ma’am. I was awestruck after getting to know about her achievements and felt so blessed to have such a talented mentor. The call began with our respective introductions and telling about our interests and what we expect out of this program. We talked about open source and how early we shall start contributing for it.

She recommended me to learn about git and github and also to start working on some basic projects. For coding , she recommended Sumita Arora’s book for class 12 computer science as all the basic concepts have been explained very well in it. She advised me to practice at least 5 questions daily on leetcode or GFG. The task given to me was to complete 15 questions on leetcode on the topic of arrays. She advised me to make my fundamentals of C++ strong before moving on with DSA further. She emphasised on the fact that practicing questions is extremely important. Also, she told me that first year is the time when we should also explore different techstacks like web development as later we may not get much time for it.

Overall, it was a very pleasant week and an enriching experience. I am extremely grateful to WWCD team for letting me be a part of this wonderful mentorship program. Looking forward to the enlightening journey of the next four weeks!